Hi, I’m Neeti, and I am the founder of this company, along with my husband, Umang. We are located in Noida, India.

We first worked on this idea when our daughter wanted a house to play in with her friends. We looked up many brands who were making teepees but they were all out of our budget so we decided to develop this on our own for her and also to offer to our existing client base.

We further researched what was already out there in the market and knew we wanted to offer something different from what we were already seeing.

The regular teepees would accommodate just 2-3 kids or 1 kid with 1 parent. This seemed like a little cramped so we decided to make a bigger size teepee so that more kids OR 2 kids with 1 parent or 1 kid with both parents could fit in.

We came up with different designs and fabrics that were safe for kids, stylish and durable. So now we offer many options to choose from.

You can also design your own family teepee set with 1,000s of combinations to choose from, or pick from a beautiful selection of pre-designed teepees.

Every single piece is made in our warehouse, checked and then delivered to you. We are overjoyed to have come up something with our creativity and imagination which will bring smiles on kids and their parents.